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The technical team of Fidar Dade Negar company includes a group of experienced and specialized people, ready to provide services and provide software products in various fields.

With the rapid growth of cyber attacks in the space of information exchange, the security of cyber infrastructure in organizations is one of the important issues ahead, which if ignored, results such as unauthorized access to the private information of the organization, employees or their customers, changing of information by unauthorized persons. will allow and carry out destructive actions. Therefore, it is necessary to include appropriate security measures at different levels in the design and implementation of the network and information systems of each organization.
Fidar Dade Negar Company is ready to provide various services in order to secure cyber infrastructure to organizations as well as manufacturers and users of information systems.

  • Development of computer software
  • Providing consulting and support services in the fields of network, computer systems safety, communication systems
  • Issuance of software services and services related to the field of information technology
  • Carrying out joint activities in the field of technology

Web-based software

Computer Networks

Mobile Applications

Penetration testers and vulnerability analysis


Fidar Dade Negar Company is ready to provide various services in order to secure cyber infrastructure to organizations as well as manufacturers and users of information systems.

  • Security architecture design of information systems
  • Providing a comprehensive plan for network and information security of the organization
  • Providing advice and technical services to obtain an information security certificate
  • Preparation of RFP and supervision of various security services in the organization
  • Implementation of study and research projects in the field of information security

Security consulting

  • Design and update of operating systems and IT services
  • Virtualization plans based on center management
  • Plans to expand anti-malware systems
  • Centralized NTP scheme
  • Plan to collect cyber events and analyze them
  • Business continuity plan based on ISMS standard

Security services

  • Installing Splunk
  • Evaluation of the organization's assets
  • Collecting and categorizing organization logs
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Manage alerts
  • Establish processes, procedures and required training

SOC Security Operations Center

  • Security assessment and penetration testing of mobile apps, software and services
  • Penetration testing of web applications
  • Evaluation of network infrastructure in organizations
  • Security scan

Security assessment and testing

  • Analysis of vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications and web-based software
  • Documented vulnerability reporting
  • Providing countermeasures after vulnerability discovery

Monitor and analyze security incidents

  • Holding training courses in the field of cyber security and providing valid certificates of Fidar company
  • Publishing the results of scientific research with the aim of informing the society
  • Publishing news and security vulnerabilities with the aim of informing communities and stakeholders

Education and Informing


Our Goal

Activities in the field of research, design and development of customized software, analysis and development of ICT software

About Fidar


Fidar Pam

Privileged Access Management


Integrated Security Incident Response System


Automatic Vulnerability Scanner


Threat Intelligence Sharing System


News Monitoring System in Virtual Networks


Information Security Management System


Android Application Security Analyst

Fidar IAG

Internet network isolation system


Information Leakage Prevention System


Fake BTS Detector


Dynamic Password Performance Evaluation System

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